About us

Allan: Textile artist, nettle pioneer, interested in pre-historic skills and textiles, experimental archaeology, natural dyeing, growing food and fibres.
Founder of the Nettles for Textiles Facebook Group.

Gillian: researched nettles, especially Urtica dioica, extensively for years and carried out a postgraduate degree studying nettle fibre extraction at De Montfort University.  Her knowledge of nettles includes their biology, botany, folklore and uses, with a special interest in the history of nettle fibre use.
Gillian is the author of ‘From Sting to Spin‘ (Urtica Books. 2010).

Brigitte: Hands-on textile researcher with focus on sustainable textiles by day, and web wizard by night (AKA Nettles for textiles web developer).  Very excited about nettles as food, fibre and yarn. Currently she experiments with weaving nettle couture tweeds! The future is bright, the future is green…