Allan Brown runs a flax workshop,
Thursday November 7th in Brighton.

There are three spaces are still available.
If you are interested to join please email for more information.

Nettles for Textiles workshop with Allan Brown

NOV 09 at  Craft Central The Forge, East London, E14 3AE

You can book online by heading over to Eventbrite.

Nettle fibre workshop

October 6th, Farnham / Frensham, hosted by Brigitte (BeeKay Makes);

Harvest fresh nettles & learn about their history. Learn how to make nettle fibre, turn it into string and how to spin it. They won’t sting after being harvested.

Stinging nettles have been used as a fibre plant for textiles for over 3000 year in the UK, to make everything from heavy sailcloth to fine table linen up until the 18th century. Also, nettle is one of the most sustainable fibre sources!

20th July, 2019: 

Allan gave a talk about Nettles at the Oxford Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers.

Allan demonstrated nettle processing on green and rettet nettles and everybody had a go!
Brigitte showed some of her woven nettle samples after Allan’s the talk.
We got a heartwarming little thank you speech at the end of the event, such a lovely group!

Thread 2019. Farnham Maltings, June 8th, 2019:

Brigitte gave a talk about nettles and demonstrated nettle fibre extraction throughout the day.

at ‘Seedy Sunday’ in Brighton

by Allan Brown, 5 February

Nice to meet and chat to folk  yesterday. I was there with my textile craft group, ‘The Woolly Umbrella’ demonstrating spinning, felting, basketry and processing nettles of course.

The only words of wisdom I could offer is that if it seems like it’s impossibly labour intensive, yields far less than you were imagining and takes much longer than you expected -you’re doing everything right.

at the ‘Maltings’s Craft Festival’ in Farnham

by Brigitte, October 27th/28th 2018

Lots of interest, positive comments and ‘I can’t believe its nettle’ moments by visitors and craftsman and -women at the Maltings.

Allan demonstrates regularly at the Bentley Woodfair in Mid-September

It seems obligatory to put some flax on your head at these occasions… check the video ‘working with Flax and Nettles

Brigittes demonstrated nettle wool weaves and nettle fibre extraction at the Sustainability Fayre Farnham

Some people were so keen to learn how to extract Nettle Fibres that they collected a bunch of nettle stems for a step by step demonstration. No ladybirds were harmed in the process 🙂 we always point out the importance of nettle for the wildlife.