Picture Gallery

This section features the beautiful work of members of the Nettles For Textiles Facebook group (in no particular order).

Catherine Hutchinson has produced the first Nettles for Textiles garment:
a gorgeous crocheted scarf! Amazing 🙂

Опубліковано Catherine Hutchinson Неділя, 1 вересня 2019 р.


Jeanette Nowak‎ produced these lovely baskets from nettle fibre

Nettle baskets

Опубліковано Jeanette Nowak Вівторок, 24 жовтня 2017 р.


Catherine Hutchinson wove  these highly textured pieces of nettle fabric – amazing…

Опубліковано Catherine Hutchinson Неділя, 8 жовтня 2017 р.


Liam Anderson created this strap for his mandolin from nettle cordage

Опубліковано Liam Anderson Четвер, 28 вересня 2017 р.


Judy has been one of our most active, productive and supportive members of the Nettles for Textiles Facebook group. Fibre extraction, combing, weighing, commenting, spinning, … you name it, Judy has done it.

I’m curious about why everyone here is interested in nettles for textiles. And how many of us are working with nettles…

Опубліковано Judy Kavanagh Субота, 21 жовтня 2017 р.